Concrete Countertops

Imagination is the Only True Limitation When Creating and Designing a Concrete Countertop!

 Why Use Concrete? Well…

  • Are you tired of seeing the same thing in all your friends homes for countertops?
  • Does the feel of synthetic surfaces bother you?
  • Are you looking for a countertop that is a true work of art?
  • Are you looking for a locally produced, hand-made quality product?
  • Do you have a color scheme that you can not find the right countertop to match?
  • Are you looking for an Eco-Friendly way to remodel your countertops?
  • If you answered yes, concrete is the way to go.


Concrete countertops are the newest trend in home remodeling.  The versatility allows the customer to  input their ideas and make a one of a kind countertop. By choosing colors, textures, shape, edging, sink design and finish you can truly make it your own.  Whether you are completely replacing or capping an existing countertop, we at DCM are committed to making each piece a work of art. If you can dream it, it can be made! Call us today to schedule a free consultation. If you have any questions check out our FAQ page.


Concrete is not just for your driveway anymore. Concrete counters tops look great in all areas of the home. Have you been looking for a new way to vamp up your outdoor living space? Take a look at concrete outdoor kitchen countertops. We can cast in almost any shape. Did you know you can also have a sink molded into the countertop?  The options are endless and if you want to make an outdoor space that is family friendly we are the company to do it.

 There are 3 steps to creating a concrete countertop that will enhance your homes charm.

Step 1: Choosing the form and size for your concrete countertop

Edging Choices:

CHAMFERED                                    CLASSIC RAIL                              COVED EDGE

Choice 1 ½” or 2″                            Classic Rail – 1 ½”                        Choice 1 ½ or 2″

HEARTH STONE                               NEW ENGLAND RAIL                            OGEE

Hearth Stone – 2″                            New England Rail – 1 ½”                     Ogee- 1 ½”


RANDOM SPLIT FACE                         ROCK FACE                                   AGEAN BULLNOSE

Random Split Face- 2 ½”         Rock Face Choice 1 ½” or 2″             Agean Bullnose 1 ½”


Sink Choices:

Wave Sink Model

Wave Sink Model

Sloped Ramp Sink Model

Sloped Ramp Sink Model

Oval Bowl Sink Model with Backsplash

Step 2: Choose your color, texture and design

Every artist starts out with a blank canvas before they can create a masterpiece. Concrete is the perfect blank canvas, your design capabilities are endless. Here are some important questions you need to consider when designing a concrete countertop.
1. What color do I want for the base?
2. Do I want to use a secondary color, ex. a concrete stain?
3. Do you want a smooth surface or textured?
4. Do you want to go with Eco-friendly terrazzo (glass details)?
5. Have you considered a marbled effect?
6. What about natural vein accents, ex. like you would find in wood?

Step 3: Call us today.

If you have an idea but do not know how to get it all to come together, give us a call. We have many more options available then what we can show on the website. Also if you would like to see a color chart,  we can bring that to you so you can decide on the colors that best fit your home or business. We will be glad to help you find the perfect fit for you and your home or business.

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